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Chateau des Duc de Bretagne

Cathedral walls, clean vs. not

Cacao for sale

Biscuit types

Famous biscuit factory

Building detail

Now what was I supposed to be doing ?

Leg up in the park near Jules Verne home

Captain Nemo in training

Jules Verne home gate

Nantes building facade

Nante window arch

La femme de la fenetre

Monsieur Lion

I can hear you

Arrived to Nantes and the weather is warmer. Don't think we'll be needing a jacket.

The city is interesting to walk about, and we are for sure no longer in the Irish countryside. Nantes was a major slave trading, and ship building, port, and as such has an interesting history. Good coffee at sidewalk cafes, and delicious fresh croissants & baguettes are the norm. Touring the home of Jules Verne revealed his interest in (& knowledge of)science and travel that both served as basis of his extensive literary output. We,ve discovered that the train travel is a bit challenging to go directly to where we want to go, Limoges, so our next destination has changed to be Avignon.

Au revoir

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