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After spending much of yesterday driving with another long driving day ahead tomorrow, it was a treat to spend the day moseying around on Cape May. This coastal area about a half hour drive north of Boston has a beautiful coastline and quaint, prosperous looking towns. Rockport has long been a favorite of artists and tourists. A red fishing shack built in the 1840's on Bradley Wharf has been the subject of thousand of photographs and paintings. We took quite a few ourselves last time we were here and could not resist adding to our supply. A pirate ship was at anchor along side and a bride dressed in traditional white joined a band of pirates for a unique wedding ceremony. There were lots of great places to eat and shop, a tourist's delight. As we drove on, we passed a number of resorts and fine homes that appeared to be set up for weddings as well. This idyllic seacoast fits the Martha Stewart stereotype of how your dream wedding is supposed to look.

Nearby Gloucester is a more serious fishing town. A statue in the harbor honors the more than 10,000 local men who have lost their lives at sea over the years. There were some tourists taking half day deep sea fishing trips. We saw (and heard) one tour come in. Nearly everyone who got off was carrying a cooler. Perhaps those coolers contained newly caught fish at the end of the day, but judging by the raucous behavior of the passengers, they must have contained beer at the beginning.

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