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La Luna

View from the kitchen of our "dining room" on the terrace

Fig tree out the bathroom window

The lane to La Luna

Kate here: we are resting at home today so I am uploading a few photos of our villa, La Luna. My favorite aspect of La Luna is how the house opens onto the terrace from every room on the first floor so we flow naturally in and out. So far the weather is so lovely that the doors stand open most of the time. Of course, if we can flow naturally in and out occasionally a bug the size of a buick flies in as well! But no mosquitoes or bothersome bugs that bite. I am also amused by the fig tree growing outside the master bathroom window. We can reach out and pick a fig for a snack if we want (technically we can pick figs from the driveway below as well, but it seems more poetic to reach out the bathroom window)! The sun-dappled one lane track from the house to the main road takes about 10 minutes to walk and often when we are returning home, two or three people tumble out of the car to walk the lane.

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