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We were happy to sleep in this morning. After our usual morning coffee I drove to town in our Van, to get a haircut.

Freshly shorn, I returned home to learn that Jennifer, Steve and the grandkids were on their way in to see us and visit for awhile.

I jumped into the shower and after that, dressed in clean clothing in time for the arrival of our loved ones.

Steve had to go to work but we had time for a brief visit. Jennifer, Marilyn and Lauren headed off to shop while Colby and I walked to the playground for some quality time together.

We played with the tennis racquets and balls for awhile, then the swings, slides, monkey bars, etc, before returning to the RV for some chips and a cold drink.

By the time the ladies returned with lunch we were past the little one's nap time but we put in a movie Colby likes and he went to our bedroom to watch it with his Mom.

He slept quite awhile but Lauren never did get to sleep.

Marilyn, Jen and Lauren paid a visit to the gift shop in the cave.

I spoke to Greg Weldon at DRV several times and then took some pictures of the hydraulic levelers and sent them to him in an e-mail.

We hope to get two new actuators installed before we leave here for Africa next month.

When the gals returned this time we took Colby and his scooter to the parking lot. He rides that scooter really well!

Lauren chose a puddle in the parking lot, to play in. She ran back and forth through the length of that puddle, giggling all the time.

I was asked numerous times to pick her up and get her out of the water, but she was having so much fun that I just didn’t have the heart to make her stop playing in the water.

Then she sat down in the middle of the water. Ooops! My Bad!

The company all left for home at 5:30 so Marilyn & I ate some red beans & rice with andouille sausage for dinner.

We sat in the recliners relaxing with our dinner on our lap and watched the TV.

Perhaps a DVD movie will finish the evening.

Life is Good!

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