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ok, this plane flight was a little much. Sitting for 8 hours on a plane, packed in like sardines, is not my idea of a fun time. When we boarded the plane, the flight attendants informed us that the entertainment was not working, so there was no movie on the flight, no radio frequencies to listen to, and the electrical outlets didn't work which meant no phone or computer charging on the flight. This seriously disappointed Chris, since he wanted to work on the plane and finish his presentation due by the end of next week. He was able to squeeze in one hour of work time before his laptop battery died. Luckily, my phone and ipod still had "juice" from when I had charged it the night before and during our layover in Texas, so I was able to entertain myself playing games on my phone and listening to music. We both were able to take some short cat naps on the plane as well. The first 4 hours were torture, the middle two were ok, and the last two were filled with anticipation of seeing land again soon hopefully. Finally, we landed at Kahalui Airport around 3:20 PM local Hawaii time, which was 9:20PM EST.

At the rental car facility, Chris wanted to see how much an upgrade to a convertible would cost for the 12 days we are out here. They first told us a price for a Mustang Convertible, we told them that was too much, and the lady behind the counter went to speak to her manager, and they were able to give us a price for 12 days that would be about the same price as we were looking to rent a corvette for just one day. So, we splurged a little and got the upgrade from a mid-size to a red Mustang convertible.

We then set out for the condo resort. Once we arrived, we found they had upgraded us from a garden view studio to an ocean view 1-bedroom for no extra charge! Life was finally starting to look up for us. And, to top that, we got an end unit, which means only one neighbor!

After eating at Moose McGillcuddy's down on Front Street in Lahaina, we took a quick trip to the Safeway to pick up some groceries for the week. We experienced some sticker shock when we heard the bill total. When we got out to the car, we realized the quart of milk we purchased was $11.00! Don't think we will be buying any more milk EVER out here. Talk about highway robbery!

Finally able to settle in for bed around 9:30PM local time. We have been up since 3 AM EST time, so 24 hours since we have last seen a bed is a little much. We're getting too old for that sort of time frame! Hoping to get some sleep tonight so we can go out exploring tomorrow without feeling "jet lag hangover."

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