Arches Structure 1

Arches Natl Park 2

Arches Natl Park 3

Arches Natl Park 4

Arches Natl Park 5

Delicate Arch 6

Slab with Dinosaur Print 7

North & South Window Arches 8

Arches National Park 9

Skyline Arch Area 10

Petroglyphs 11

Petroglyphs 12

Petroglyphs 13

Petroglyphs - Birth 14

Petroglyphs- Santa Sleigh & Reindeer 15

Rock Slab with Dinasaur Print 16

Yesterday we toured the petroglyphs in the Moab Area. I found these to be fascinating. The writings have been there for hundreds of years and depict life at that time. One of the writings shows a woman giving birth.

Another one of my favorites was what looked to be a sleigh and reindeer.

Other petroglyph were also interesting.

We also saw a rock slab with confirmed dinosaur tracks embedded in it.

Today we visited Arches National Park and saw the North & South Window Arches, Skyline Arch and Delicate Arch.

The park is just amazing. There are hundreds of arches and rock sculptures in the park. It is a small park but it is truly amazing.

Tomorrow we will be preparing to move on to our next location-Mesa Verde.

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