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Woke up with chest pains again. Went into town and located the hospital. Told them I was having chest pains but did not think I was having a heart attack. They did some quick tests and confirmed no heart attack. They decided to find the problem and I had another CT Scan. Found I have Pericardial effusion, which is excess fluid in the sac that surrounds the heart. Since the Rifle hospital was unable to treat this problem I was loaded into an Ambulance and sent to St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction. Turns out this is a leading heart hospital in the US.

Arrived and was examined by several Dr.s and they ran some more test to confirm the diagnoses. Decided to drain the excess off. Not a simple procedure. Involves making a 3" incision in my chest and poking a sharp drain in the sac of a pumping heart. Removed 600ml of fluid (should have 50ml) and inserted a 1/4" drain which removed another 150ml. All in all the amount in a bottle of wine.

Spend several more days in the hospital recovering and we left Rifle 9-6-11. People at the RV park went out of their way to help Connie dealing with the problem. They moved the RV for her and set it up.


For those of you not in the know, George did have chest pains two Sundays in a row before we started this trip. After a couple of admissions into the hospitals at Beaumont and Redlands, he was given permission by his doctor to start this trip.

In spite of its beauty, Rifle is NOT the place to be with your husband in the hospital 63 miles away. There is no cell phone nor internet reception. I had several interrupted phone calls from friends and family--thank you guys for attempting to reach us. When not travelling to the hospital, I spent a lot of quality time with Coco and my Kindle. I have some book reservations for anyone interested.(Connie)

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