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I am a procrastinator for sure!

Marilyn has most of her pre-travel chores done but I put things off as long as possible.

Even today, our last day here at Mountaindale, I delayed my chores as long as I could.

We could tell, when we awoke, that it was pretty chilly outdoors, because it was pretty cool indoors. LOL

It was me, who crawled out of bed, checked the temperature outdoors, and turned the furnace on to take the chill off.

I went outdoors into the low 40 degree weather, and began building a campfire.

When it was blazing away I set up chairs for the two of us and we sat together talking quietly about our love for this wonderful place.

We sipped our coffee and burned two bundles of firewood before getting busy.

Marilyn went inside to change linens on the bed, do a load of laundry. and clean house.

I removed all of the chairs, etc from the screened room and then took it apart and stowed the parts away in their containers.

Marilyn helped me fold the screen and top part of the shelter.

She also fixed a fine breakfast of turkey sausage, eggs, toast, jelly, green chili’s, and orange juice.

Then it was time to get more work done.

Finally, all finished except for dumping the holding tanks.

Jackie came by and visited for awhile, mostly about our trip to South Africa. We are all excited about that.

I noticed that we continue to have a hydraulic issue with the two leveling jacks. We aren’t sure what we are going to do about that.

We may either go to Springdale, Arkansas, on the way back to Missouri, or sometime during the month that we are back in Missouri, or even wait until we are on the way to the RGV.

That last option would require us to change our routing to the valley and to cancel the reservations we have already made.

I’ll let you know how this will be handled once a decision has been made.

Jesse stopped by and we sat outdoors at the picnic table enjoying a cold beer and the mutual company.

Eileen wandered by and stopped to talk for a minute or so.

When I went inside Marilyn fixed a burrito for me for a very late lunch, and then I jumped into the shower. All neat and clean, I dressed in clean clothing.

I sure feel better now!

Later in the evening we walked over to Tony & Jackie’s site to say “So Long” to them as well as Jesse & Ginger and Tony & Eileen.

Our last evening here until we return next year, fades gently to a close. Hugs all around make it bearable.

Life is Good!

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