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Karen, Dave, Nancy

Karen and Bruce

Dodge Pond from Orgonon roof


Hunter's Cove - Protected area near town of Rangeley

Hunter's Cove reached by hike from road to Oquossic.

Hiking to Hunter's Cove

Preparing for a 2 hour tour of Rangeley Lake

Lyons Lakeside Cabins view from the Lake

Loon Lodge (dinner destination) on Saturday night.

Our Grandmother's former property

Our grandmother's old property. "Duckie Daddle Rock" next to the shore

The beach at the town of Rangeley.

Condos near the Rangeley beach

Doctor's Island - Now with another name and owned by someone else

Loon near Hunter's cove

Bald Mountain from the water

Mellie Grover Timberlake (our grandmother), Fremont Timberlake (our great grandfather) and two...

Close up of Mellie Timerlake - Photo at Outdoor Sports Museum in...

Dave and Karen pose for photo by Rangeley Historic Association

Climbing Bald Mountain

Rocky Trail up Bald Mountain

View of Rangeley Lake from Bald Mountain

View of Mooselookmeguntic Lake from Bald Mountain

Dave and Nancy at the top of the tower

Karen and Bruce at Overlook

Rangeley from overlook on Rte 17

Ski Lodge on Saddleback Mountain

Moose Crossing!

We arrived in Rangeley on August 25 and stayed until August 31. We stayed at Lyons Lakeside Cottages which was a perfect location. The cottage was well stocked and comfortable (with cable and WIFI). We drove down Cottage Ave. and stopped view the new cottage where our Grandmother's cottage used to be (sorry, no photos). Where the golf course used to be and all along Cottage Ave. were cottages (condos) and a large recreation facility called Rangeley Lake Resort. We believe they had lake access beyond the old cottage. Dave said the cottage we saw was not the one Bob Estes built in the 70's.

We stocked up at the IGA (now at the top of Cottage Ave) and then drove through the town and visited the Orgonon Museum on Dodge Pond. Wilhelm Reich operated Orgonon during the 50's when we vacationed at Rangeley. He was a former colleague of Freud whose theories eventually put him at odds with Freud and other psychiatrists and scientists. I was always curious about this building. Perhaps we passed it on our way to Cupsuptic Stream. We hiked a trail at Hunter's Cove, a preserve on Rangeley Lake between Rangeley and Oquassoc. Later we took a private two hour boat tour of the Lake, passing our grandmother's old property, the Town, Hunter's Cove, the Island, etc.

During our visit to Rangeley we visited two local museums. At the first in downtown Rangeley we saw an old map with the Timberlake cottage on it. The docent showed us a book on early cottages and on one page was the mention of the marriage of Mellie Grover Timberlake and Bay Edward Estes at Rangeley in August, 1909. The second museum was a new Outdoor Sports Museum at Oquassoc where we saw a Rangeley boat (like the old one we used in the 50's) and many artifacts from the 19th century. One the wall was a picture of a little girl about eight or nine with her father, some guides and a huge string of fish. She was identified as Mellie Timberlake with her father Fremont Timberlake. What a discovery! Dave and I posed for a picture for the local historical association. We later saw the same picture (colorized) on the wall of the IGA.

We had one of the best meals of the trip at Loon Lodge which was right next door to where we were staying at Lyons Lakeside Cottages. The entrees were limited, but imaginative and delicious! We finished the meal off with great brownies a la mode.

Because of Hurricane Irene we extended our trip by two days. This permitted us to visit most of the local stores (all new since the 50's). Karen especially liked the quilt shop (when we she start that quilt?). Monday night we took a moose tour by bus. Karen and Bruce got a quick look at two moose. Dave and Nancy saw one by the side of the road the next evening. (All too quick for photos). Dave and Bruce went on a fishing trip on the Lake, but after the hurricane, nothing was biting. The water on the streams was too high for fishing.

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