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Much of our drive today followed the Saskatoon River but we could...

... until we got to this one and only view point stop...

(Ron Writing) Driving to Saskatoon was much like a drive across Kansas, Nebraska, or Iowa. The terrain is almost flat; it’s almost continuous farmland with many ponds and lakes. On the west side of the province we saw many oil wells but not many as we neared the central part. The weather was beautiful, the road was excellent and it was nice travel day but we didn’t find any interesting stops along the way. It appears the highway was built to bypass all the small farm communities in the area. We often drove for long distances between even seeing a town although there were towns a few miles off the highway. Also, the highway has very few places to stop either for a rest or to view interesting sights.

Late this afternoon we arrived in Saskatoon, the largest city in the Province, but not the capital – that would be southeast of here in Regina. We made a quick stop at Costco for some food and gasoline before driving over to WalMart where we are spending the night.

Weather: Overnight low was 44°, highs today in the high 60’s. Mostly sunny.

Mileage: Today - 177 miles, cumulative since leaving AZ on 4-6-11 – 11,602 miles.

Gasoline Price: 4.194 $US/gallon in Lloydminster, AB, 4.502 $US/gallon in Saskatoon, SK.

Tonight’s stop: Saskatoon, SK, WalMart.

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