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North on I-81 in New York

Campground in sight

Park models in the campground


Willows at the water

Flowers at the camp pond

Beautiful old trees

Tracks to our campsite. It had poured for several days before.

Taco says the grass is tooooo high!

A tenacious tree .. hanging in there!

Weedsport sunset

Huge sand sculpture at the New York State Fair

Another side of it

Some of the flower displays






Taking a relaxing break at the Fair

Adding the final touches before entering the show ring

Pretty spotted llama

Lots of spotted piggies

10 Little Oreo piglets

Quite a difference from what we pay at the market, right?


As you can see, when not being pushed by a hurricane, we tend to slack off and leave later, 10:10 a.m. today. Yesterday was just basically spent inside watching the rain absolutely pour out of the skies in bucketsful. I went to Cortland to get diesel and some stuff for the house then came home and finished reading my book on my phone. Yes, I’ve discovered I can get Kindle on my smartphone and although there are only around 12 lines to a page, I really like it.

Anyway, today, more I-81 driving northward under beautiful, sunny skies full of puffy clouds, passing miles and miles of cornfields along the way.

Checked into the Riverforest Campground in Weedsport NY at 11:45 after driving a grand total of 76 miles. This campsite is a little weird in that the electric hookup is along the drive and our RV connection is midship. They evidently had a lot of rain here, too, ‘cause the ground is wet and squishy. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive ‘cause I did have to use it here. Hopefully, by the time we leave, it will have dried out enough so I don’t leave great “tire gulleys” when we pull out since we’ll have to drive over about 50’ of squishy to get to the gravel drive.

Got set up then off we went to Elbridge to get the bus to the New York State Fair. We drove to the fair last year and it wasn't all that bad but this year we decided to try the bus and oh, it surely was much nicer. No traffic to worry about; no parking to worry about. We just got a seat and left the driving to them. And, since my eyesight is getting a bit squirrely at night, it was very nice not having to worry about getting back by dark. It was worth every bit of the $2 round trip for each of us.

We spent about 5 hours at the fair, visiting the llamas, pigs (adorable greedy little baby pigs munching on Mom!), goats, beef cattle, dairy cattle, the horticulture building, International Foods building (where we each had a kelbasi sandwich)…and a stroll through the midway, watching the thrill rides and each of declaring we’d get dizzy/seasick on most of them. Had some delicious chocolate milk at the Dairy Products building and watched a lady carving a big block of cheese into a sculpture. Some of the other buildings were really crowded so we figured we’ll get them tomorrow. We decided we’d leave before the R.E.O. Speedwagon (?) concert ended to avoid the rush.


Today was an absolutely wonderful day!! I took Bob to the bus stop so he could go to the fair again and I had the day to quiet and peaceful. I did some geocaching then some plain old exploring around the old towns around here and finally went home and just enjoyed the quiet.

Bob enjoyed himself, too…mixing with all the people (although he said it wasn’t as crowded as the day before) and listening to the bands. He was there for about 6 hours; should sleep well tonight.


It was off to Walmart for me today to do just a little shopping and maybe a stop here and there for several caches along the way to and from. My last stop was a cemetery from 1835. Wow! A very peaceful site on a little hill with only about 12 graves. Very old graves.

So I get my cache, sign the log, and go back to the truck to come on home….but it wouldn’t start!! Here I am, out in the middle of nowhere (it wasn’t, really, but it seemed that way) with a stupid truck that wouldn’t start. So I called Good Sam (thanks Bets and Will!!) and they came out to give me a jump start. But I don’t think it was a dead battery ‘cause everything was working okay. Wonder if it’s the starter. What a bummer.


Bob went out to check the truck and it wouldn't start today. Guy from town came out to jump start it and we decided the batteries are over 6 years old so we're due for 2 new ones (to the tune of $300!). They didn't have the ones the truck uses (Interstate) so they ordered them and I went in this afternoon and they installed them so now we start up just fine!

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