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Gotta’ hurry; gotta’ hurry. Gotta’ beat Hurricane Irene to New York so we can get all set up before the rains come. Off by 9:00 a.m. under cloudy skies ... the rain isn’t supposed to be arriving ‘til late afternoon or evening. Our goal today is Marathon, New York, and the Country Hills Campground, a nice country place where we stayed 2 years ago.

After a 25 minute stop at a NY rest area, we arrived at the campground at 12:45. Total miles driven today: 174.

Got set up and then drove back into Marathon because, when we had come through on the way to the campground, we noticed stands being set up and saw a banner across the street advertising their sesquicentennial celebration. We made it just in time. 5 minutes later and we would have had to wait until the parade was through because they closed the main street. Nice little parade and then music in the bandstand. They have a maple festival here in the spring and a maple museum, which was closed today. We visited the little photo museum they had then I went to find a geocache while Bob went back down to the bandstand. We listened to the music until they were done then on back to camp.

Taco, Nellie and I took a walk around the pond they have here at the campground. Nellie did really well, walking right along, until we got to the far end of the pond and she could actually see the water. We were going to walk down to it but after about 3’, a fish jumped, Nellie arched her back, fluffed her tail and growled! Laughed my head off! So we decided we’d just continue walking along the top of the hill but she didn’t like that either. She was NOT going to turn her back on whatever that was that made that noise! Funny little kitty. I finally had to drag her along for a bit and then she’d start walking again...but she stopped every 4th step to look back and make sure nothing was following her. She was hilarious! She did like bouncing through the tall weeds behind the trailer though.

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