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It was 55 degrees at 3am in Denver, PA on 9/1; a sleepy little town near Reading, PA. Again, the delivery was fast and easy. Fortunately, the company we work for, Prime, Inc., has accounts set up so we don't have to unload the trailers. It's optional, if you really want the exercise, but 99 percent of the time it is payed for by the shipper. Years ago when we owned our own truck and were not under the "protection" of a bigger company that was not the case. Unloading 53 feet of trailer, even on pallets is a long, time consuming process. The other option was paying a "lumper" hundreds to unload it for you. Back then, that was more than most drivers could afford and really cut into the profits.

Driving at night is just beautiful. Don't know how else to say it. Most everyone is asleep in their beds so its mostly the truckers making their deliveries. We were able to get out of the area and above Reading, PA before morning rush hour. We had already been planned on a load from Hazleton, PA going to New Albany, IN; a load of chocolate chips going to a Pillsbury Plant.

I spent most of the other night driving, racking my brain, thinking what to write about. To me, eastern U.S. just doesn't seem as exciting as the west. There definitely isn't the parking for our big truck to do sight seeing. As you'll find out in my next entry. Tomorrow, I will write Confused yet? :)

We delivered our load of chocolate chips at 6am, just across the river into Indiana, north of Louisville, KY. Jim was driving during the night and I woke up in time to see the lights of Cincinnati, OH as we drove thru. Another reason to like night driving, the cities are beautiful at night all lit up.

Right now, it's Sept 2nd and I'm sitting out the rush hour traffic in a cramped little

truckstop on the outskirts of Indianapolis, hoping no one hits us. The 3 times we have ever been hit were when we were parked. Needless to say, I am quick to get on the horn whenever I feel someone is coming too close.

An hour ago, we picked up our preloaded trailer in the heart of Indianapolis, Pillsbury pie crusts going to Carson, California. It doesn't deliver till Labor Day. Should be able to find something interesting to see along the way.

We have been away from home for 17 days. This is about the time I really begin missing my friends and family. Thank God for cell phones. And Facebook! My social time. Oh well.

So, in order for this map to work right, I need to tell you about what we did today in my next entry. Stay tuned!

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee........Psalm 63:1

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