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Thursday 1st September 2011 Weather:-28degrees/Sunny

The things you have to do to get some antibiotics around here:-

1)Drive to Lucon (17Km) to the local District Hospital

2)Surrender Passports and set up a personal file

3)No waiting-get taken into an examination room-clothes of-gown on

4)Medical History translated from English to French

5)Blood pressure taken

6)Drip line inserted into vein

7)ECG administered

8)Blood samples taken

9)Another Blood pressure test

10)Nebulizer applied for 20 minutes

11)Driven on bed to X-ray department for chest X-ray

12)More doctors bought in because of slight irregularity in X-ray

13)Wait for blood results

14)All OK, you have bronchitis Madam (I said in the beginning “I have Bronchitis, could somebody please help me with a script for antibiotics please”

15)Wait for scripts

16)5 hours after we arrived at the hospital all results are printed out including scripts for

A) Cough Syrup

B) Paracetamol

C) Pseudoephedrine

D) Antibiotics

As you may have realized Herman is now better and I am the one that needed some medication and after Peter talking to some of the ex-pats around here it was decided my best course of action was to go to the Emergency Department at the local hospital. I must say that I was extremely well taken care of and everything was done promptly including speed of the results for blood, my platelets are down so they were going to send a nurse to Peter’s place in 7 days time to see if they have recovered---my answer “I will be back in Australia in 6 weeks and will get my doctor to follow it up”. From a tourist just going in for a prescription I am really impressed by the thoroughness in their determination of the diagnoses.

Tomorrow we have to go back to the hospital to pay the bill. Hope we can still afford to finish the holiday after that.

PS Photographer on sick leave

PPS The boys harvested the apples and pears while Judy slept

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