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view from the balcony - almost like home but with sunshine

We took a coach from Granada to Torremolinos, which took two and half hours to Malaga airport which is closer to Torremolinos than Malaga. We had the usual hassle of being overcharged for a 10 minute cab ride. Should have checked first. Torremolinos back in the 70s and 80s was a cheap week or two escape for the young. Both Viv and I came here in the 70s although remember little about it. It is a great endless beach with straw thatched umbrellas for shade and 4.5 euros a day to sit on a padded lounger. Just the perfect end to a traveling holiday. There are only bad tourist junk shops here but there should be better hunting tomorrow in Gibraltar.

We take the coach around 8am and it will take about two plus hours to get there. Gibraltar is still a British territory and a tax free zone. Thank god for the Empire.

There are, of course, lots of Brits here as well as people from other European countries. In the major cities we visited it was mostly European and Spanish tourists - a virtual Tower of Babel of languages. Not many North Americans though!

Today was a beach day and a very brief swim in the ocean. Staggered off the beach for a lunch of Sardines (larger than the ones in tins)and Viv had a tuna sandwich with fries, it's fries with everything here. Right now we'll have another glass of cheap Spanish wine (that is not bad) on our balcony overlooking the water, then off to dinner. What a life.

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