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At the Houston airport waiting for our second flight!

Now boarding to Cancun!

Our fairly swank budget hotel...a block and a half from the beach!

Meg & a pink bug (lots of arm punching going on here!)

Hello Meg and Thom Fans!!!!

Our journey began with a night on a bench at the Edmonton airport, and a 4:00 A.M. trip through American customs. Sleeping on airport benches was not a problem for us at all (who knew you could almost get hypothermia from 24 straight hours of air-conditioning??) but American customs was a bit of an ordeal as we were both thoroughly searched (thank you dreadlocks!) but all ended well and we made all our flights without trouble. Our layover in Houston was fun purely for the accents and moustaches; after another quick flight we were in Cancún!

We shared a shuttle with a fellow staying at the Mayacopa (Fairmont) resort, so we got a little bit of a tour of that en route to our hotel. The Mayacopa is possibly the best resort in Mexico, and was like 3 miles behind a well-guarded 20ft stone wall, but it was georgous! Maybe next time we´ll stay there :) After all that, we were a little apprehensive about what our "budget" hotel would look like, but it turned out to be lovely! Nice and bright and clean, with really nice staff, and the hotel and even the neighbourhood is very authenthic (and safe, yes Mom. We suspect this is where Mexicans stay on their holidays in Playa del Carmen, because there are a lot of domestic tourists in our hotel and in the area, and virtually no other gringos aside from us :) We expect that to change when the rest of our tour group arrives tomorrow!

Since we got here we have been taking it easy: eating delicious local food at the many restauraunts and cafes in our neighbourhood, wandering the streets of Playa and talking with other folk in the area. Also, we´re really enjoying the pool at our hotel with the swim-up bar :)

Our tour doesn´t actually start ´til tommorrow, so I think that today will be much like the last two - recovering from the last year of wedding and trip planning and basically relaxing our faces off!

Having a great time, and we´ll keep you posted on all our adventures! Love you guys!

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