Today was a splendid driving and walking tour of Rocky Mountain National Park. Countless people have been inspired by this geologic creation. When one wants to discover his inner soul he only needs to experience the awe of this special place. John Denver's famous song, Rocky Mountain High is the perfect emotional expression of what beholds the eye. We started our tour from the west entrance near our campsite in Grand Lake. We drove the famed Trail Ridge Road east across the rugged landscape to the eastern valley town of Estes. We had lunch and then returned across the scenic wonder on the historic old original 1920 tourist road, Fall River. The road is a single lane(and today One Way)gravel pathway which even today is recognized as an engineering marvel. Horseshoe turns expose new vistas at every twist and leave one breathless with the views. The pass tops out at the Alpine Visitor Center-11,796 feet above sea level. The views at the top are spectacular rolling Alpine Tundra-vast areas of green and wildflower covered meadows devoid of trees. This area is created by the brutally harsh conditions of nature and it is amazing that anything but barren rock could exist. We actually topped out at 12,183 feet on the newer Trail Ridge Road which is a macadam two lane super highway in comparison to the Old Fall River Road. Words cannot express what we obsrved with all our senses. Enjoy the pictures and make this National treasure a must see experience of your own!

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