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We leave Manitoba behind & cross into Ontario.

Winnipeg is a lovely city and we wouldn't mind staying a little longer but, as Arnold said, we'll be back. It's a little over 400 miles to Thunder Bay so we decided to split the drive as evenly as possible over two days.......that makes the destination today Dryden, Ontario.

So, we bid good-bye to Winnipeg and hit the Trans Canada. Not too far east, a sign told us we were crossing the longitudinal center of Canada. The terrain was relatively flat and lots of harvesting going on. By the time we got to the Ontario border, it was seriously raining. We stopped at the visitor center for a lunch break and I wanted to pick up some touristy stuff for Thunder Bay. I snapped a quick picture of the Ontario sign.

The terrain changed a good bit in western Ontario; the roads were better, more paved pull-outs, and the roads were more curvy with more elevation changes. We made our home for the night at the Northwestern Tent & RV Park, a family owned operation, in Dryden. The owner escorted us to our site, set up our picnic table, had a nice wooden pallet to place by our steps, and told us to come to the office to pay at 7 o'clock..."when the money lady would be home"....obviously, his wife is the treasurer. Even though we were right on the highway, it was amazingly quiet, shaded by nice tall pine trees.

Tomorrow, we have our sights on Thunder Bay.

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