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Marilyn & I sat outdoors with our morning coffee, enjoying the small campfire I managed to build.

Once the coffee was finished, we both got busy, cleaning and straightening in and around the RV.

While Marilyn cleaned inside, I unloaded the basement storage compartment and re-organized things. I managed to get rid of numerous boxes even though I know it will all be done over again, once we are back in Missouri.

We did however, manage to get the items we’ll be taking to South Africa, together in one place.

Marilyn, Ginger, and Jackie were all going to the movies this afternoon, while the guys remain behind to hold down the fort.

Ginger came by to visit for awhile before the gals left for the movie.

Once the ladies headed off for a girl’s day out, I relaxed with the Vince Flynn book I am reading. I nearly fell asleep several times but the book is good enough to hold my attention and I wouldn’t stay away from it for very long before picking it up again.

When Marilyn arrived back home she brought some roasted chicken for our dinner.

We ate a bite and watched some TV.

Just relaxing for the evening!

Life is Good!

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