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Day 17: Left Stamford about 930 to start back home. Too much has happened to continue on a trip to a damaged area. Thought we may just go to Syracuse so we will see how we do. Some of the interstate was closed, not sure if it was storm related or not, so we had to find an alternate route. Julie found a route on the map but it was up and down the Catskills. Pretty scary in some areas where we would be driving along the side of a cliff. I could sense Julie's stress which made me tense as well. Finally we found a way off the route after about an hour. Back to an interstate! We got to Syracuse by 3 and thought we may as well carry on. I had been having some pain in my chest but did not tell Julie. I thought it may be best to get back to Canada and we were only about 90 minutes away so forward we went. Got across the border about 430 and decided to continue. We were just 2 hours away now. Continued and got home around 630. The traffic was horrible once we got across the border and on to the 401. That sure needs to be addressed. It was never like that in the US and it is all about the trucks!! We got off the 401 in Colbourne and took #2 for the rest of the way home. We did almost 3300km on this trip in 17 days. After arriving home went to Gusto for some dinner. Dolly was there so we had dinner together. Nice to see her. Back home and to bed to watch tv. The pain was back in my chest. I just waited for it to go away but it was still there at 1am. I told Julie and she immediately said we had to go to the hospital. Off we went and ended up being there all night. Had ECG's, blood tests, chest xrays, blood pressure tests etc. Everything is good. Julie said better safe than sorry though. Got home about 730 and went to bed for about 3 hours. Think we will just take it easy at home for a few days.

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