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harbor panorama

rose hips in foreground

put up the sails

lunch stop

view from the park

the harbor

primary colors

waterfall in town

sailing after the storm

Ken enjoying flowery bridge

The day began with an introduction to digital photography. I always worry a bit when we attend such sessions. Either I listen to Ken grinding his teeth, as the instructor gives misinformation or he starts to ask pointed questions and the instructor gets defensive. But our teacher here is quite well informed and disarmingly modest. From the get go he made it clear that he is not the fountain of wisdom and encouraged us to share what we knew. His role as an instructor is a daunting one since the class ranges from folks who barely know how to turn their cameras on - many of them are brand new -and includes others who have been taking photos all their lives. So while Ken probably didn't learn a thing this morning and I was mostly reminded of things I already knew, the introductory session ended with a copacetic feeling from all involved.

We were turned loose in Camden harbor with the assignment to bring three photos to class to share tomorrow. There is always a strategy involved: bring your best stuff so people might be impressed or bring your duds to you can get good advice on how to make them better. We are here to learn after all. Camden is a cute tourist town with lots of shi-shi restaurants and boutiques and is a bit too Disneyfied for the kind of Maine photography we enjoy the most. Many boat owners pulled their craft out of the water to prepare for the storm, so we probably weren't seeing a typical harbor scene. The river that careens through town underneath many of the buildings, emerges on the water front as a quaint water fall.

The staff here is justly proud of local food specialities and they have taken us to great spots that obviously feature seafood. But because we each order off the menu, it takes a while to get 18 of us fed. Now that the hurricane is long gone, the sun is shining, the sky is bright blue, and it frustrating to sit inside waiting for food no matter how tasty. Time to take more pictures.

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