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Our party yesterday afternoon was a great success and we lucked out with regards to the rain as everyone had left for home about twenty minutes before some showers arrived. This party was for all of Marge's family in Fredericton. Hopefully, the party was for our arriving and visiting and not that we were finally departing.

Around 1500 Lida and her daughter Andrea arrived in the campground. Lida is a very close friend of ours that is also a nursing classmate of Marge. Her daughter Andrea is a professor at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, British Columbia and is on a sabbatical and the two of them decided to travel to the 50th nursing class reunion in Halifax by driving in Lida's old VW camper. We will not be traveling with them because they are heading to Prince Edward Island and then Newfoundland. They will probably arrive in Halifax on the 16th of September in the early afternoon, assuming the ferry is on time arriving in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The trip from Sydney to Halifax is about five hours.

We left Fredericton this morning about 0930 and we arrived in Moncton, New Brunswick around noon after refueling in Salisbury. We drove in and out of rain the entire trip and wouldn't you know the windshield washer hose for the drivers side broke so the windshield could not be cleaned using the windshield wipers although the wipers themselves continued to operate. Hopefully the local auto parts store will have replacement hose.

Moncton weather is wet with showers on and off. The storm is now a tropical storm and with that downgrade the expected winds will likely be significantly less than previously forecast. As for the amount of rain expected that also has been downgraded significantly and rather than heavy constant rain it seems that the rain will be in the form of frequent on and off light showers.

Marge has cousins here in Moncton and we will either be visiting them or they will visit us here are the campground. I guess all the details have not yet been finalized. We are staying here two nights and and we should arrive in Pictou, Nova Scotia Tuesday afternoon.

Monday we will visit the local Costco to purchase some goodies for the family reunion party we have planned for next Sunday.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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