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St Michel Les Portes - base of Parcour mountain range

Parcour Adventure

Parcour 2

Parcour 3

Parcour 4

Alex 30 metres up !

Parkour 1

Parkour 2

Parkour - setting up

The Vercours

Supermarket at sunset after Parcour

Supermarket car park

Jackson has been very quiet the last day or so so Lew wanted to do something special to put a smile on his face. We drove around Grenoble for an hour or so trying to find a rock climbing gym open but had no luck. Summer holidays finish here in a week & until then a lot of places are still closed.

By 2;30 we decided things had not gone to plan so we headed 40km south of Grenoble to a place we had picked up a brochure for. It is a place for Parcour and for those of you on the Central Coast, it is like a Treetops Adventure Park, only 20 times bigger. It consists of different graded levels of wires & obstacles built high off the ground, amongst the canopy. You wear a harness with 2 seperate carabina clips that you have to keep attached to a wire, and 1 pulley. Lots of climbing, Tarzan style rope swinging, and loads of "zip-lining" (flying fox).

Jackson & Alex were so desperate to do this they happily missed lunch. We had mistakenly thought we would buy something at the village of St Michel Les Portes on the way but the village turned out to be about 20 houses and no shop. We then thought well, surely they will have food at this Parcour place, even if overpriced. Got there after a long drive up a windy mountain road and then an 800m walk to the entry. They had ....... a mars bar, a twix bar & lollypops !! It was now 3.30 & none of us had eaten since breakfast. BUT the boys promised they didn't need any food & so we subsisted on chocolate !!

Jackson took to the treetops like they were his second home & was in his element, whizzing himself along these massive ziplines high above a rocky gorge. Off he went, so independant. Alex was incredible too, showing his strength of spirit many times, refusing to give up or give in even when dangling in midair in his harness after slipping, when he must have been terrified. He was not quite tall enough for some of the course but was not going to let it beat him & he didn't. He was a joy to watch, even with our hearts in our throats more than once. We were very proud of both of them. I don't know that I could do it. We are planning to go as a family to a different course in a couple of weeks. I'll try to be brave !!

The boys finished up a bit after 6pm in the mountains. This is Saturday night with a pretty empty fridge at home & nothing open on Sundays. By now though, Lew is master of the roads so we get back just in time for groceries - the big local supermarket is open until 8. Once again I am a fashion victim wearing my sporty clothes to the supermarket but by this stage of the day we just need to shop & get home ! The lovely lady in the cheese section took pity on our starving children and cut them a giant wedge of brie ! The boys then broke the end off the baguette in the trolley and ate as we shopped. They are getting used to this lifestyle !

When we finally got home Lew cooked a great BBQ but we didn't eat until 10pm so it was another long afternoon.

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