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fairy tale Wertheim


we overheard a guide say they were all chubby statues as they'd...

call him Sir

we saw this as we came down the hill from the castle

the flowers are everywhere and look lovely

isn't this your picture of how every house in Germany is suppose...

the thriving city centre

the beginning of the sidewalk sale

not the best view of Cheryl and Brenda

view from the castle

our ship in the distance

climbing higher gets an even better view

more views

a nice climb

looking back up

the falcon whisperer

the remains of his lunch

Happy Birthday John Nordgren! With some supplies I borrowed from the front desk, John woke up to find his cabin door festooned with a poster and balloons declaring this special day. Our location today was Wetherim where the Main and Tauber Rivers meet. As has become our practice, we skipped the group tour and wandered up the hill to tour castle with Brenda and John.

But first we did some shopping. Last night a local glass blower from this fairytale town was on the ship demonstrating the art of glass blowing and displaying some of his wares. Brenda bought some lovely things and we too picked up a glass Gallilao thermometer which might just prove problematic getting home as its liquid and can’t go as carry on luggage.

The castle climb provided lots of opportunity to puff and pant and burn off a couple of calories, but best of all it provided a splendid view of the river and surrounding valley. See the video.

On the way back down we met a man looking after a Falcon although Brenda couldn’t stay and look as the bird was eating a chicken and it wasn’t an easy site to watch. We on the other hand enjoyed talking to the keeper who asked for a €2 donation to contribute to the care and feeding. Hear him talk on the video.

We are becoming more and more rebellious on the trip starting first with dropping out of the guided city tours and now it’s dinner. The whole evening meal experience is not to our liking from the mandatory rush to sit down at 7pm, to the crowds, heat, endless waiting and poor air circulation. So as much as it was John’s birthday, we stayed in the lounge watching the river views while others ate. Later we had a piece of his birthday cake – guilt free!

One of the Canadian ladies had a doctor’s appointment in the morning complaining of blurred vision and by lunchtime was packed up and on her way to surgery in Cologne for a detached retina. Her friend and travelling companion left with her and we all waved a hurried goodbye with our blessings.

The after dinner entertainment was a talent show with nine volunteers from the guests and two from the crew. Watch the video highlights here. The birthday boy started off telling a joke, Robert recited the poem “The Ant Eater” by Roald Dahl, Helen read from The Wind and The Willows, two men sang, one lady recited the alphabet backwards, another did a hand slapping routine she also tried to teach the group, two others told bad jokes and our cabin cleaner Lorenzo did a wild Hungarian dance. Those of us in the audience simply appreciated the entertainment and applauded loudly. And Robert and I didn’t even miss not eating dinner – we had plenty of reserve around middle.

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