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statues in the trees

a view of the back of the palace

as we walked here, a man ran past in bare feet --...

the door on the right is where the carriages rode in and...

what's a palace without a statue or two?

do you think the Golden Arches lawyers will chase them?

Fortess Marienberg

your videographer hard at work

not a bad view, eh?

inside the fortress

from the city looking up, loved the vineyard on the hillside

bendy busses

magnificent church whose name I don't know

flood marks

Monday was a bonus day: 25% off on all laundry and we certainly took full advantage of the offer. I suspect that I have paid more in laundry changers this summer than my clothes are worth, especially as I’m sick to death of wearing the same things and plan to get ride of most of them.

We were in Würzburg, home of yet another UNESCO World Heritige Site. This time it is the baroque Bishop’s Residence. See video of the gardens and outside here as no photography is allowed inside.

Robert and I climbed the steep hill to Fortress Marienberg, which felt good for the increasingly lazy body (the good life this summer has taken its toll on the fitness). As a bonus, we found it was almost empty as the roadway is too narrow for tour buses, so there weren’t many other visitors: we liked that. You can see from the photos and video it has a beautiful situation high on the hill overlooking the river and the city. They even have a little vineyard on the hillside, but that’s nothing compared to what lies across the river above the town – acres upon acres of vineyards, as far as the eye can see. Watch video here.

On the way back into Würzburg we stopped in at a little teashop and with the aid of Google Translate, had a lovely conversation with the owner. We bought a birthday card for John for the next day and a couple of small gifts and left feeling rather pleased with ourselves for the morning outing.

Robert bailed on me in the afternoon so Helen offered to return to her morning stop of the famous Price-Bishop’s Residence. Photography isn’t allowed inside, so all I can offer is a view of the gardens and a couple of frames from the video (which is why they’re a little blurry). The money that was spent on this elaborate residence likely would have fed the nation for years, but that’s the way things were in those times. It seems the wealthy royal families bid on the right to place a son in the residence to serve as the local Bishop. Hmmmmmm. The inside is ornate beyond words and boasts the longest single corridor in Europe at 168 meters.

I liked the front entrance. The first door on the right was for the horse and carriage to enter the building and once inside stop at the bottom of an enormous staircase before continuing in a semi circle out the door on the left (as you face the front). What a way to arrive at a party! You wouldn’t need to worry about getting wet in the rain or slipping in the snow as you’re inside already.

Helen and I wandered around the garden until the heat and the humidity of the day sent us to the ice cream vendor in the shade and then the long walk back to the ship.

While we did all this several people went on a tour of through “Franconia” which is a word I’d never heard before. Apparently that’s what this region is called: we learned so much every day.

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