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Hurricane Irene is dominating the news, probably because she is headed toward New York City and so much of our media is located there. We studied the predictions and possible storm paths, chewed our fingernails a bit, and decided to continue toward the Maine sea coast. It appears that the storm will begin to lose its punch as it heads toward New England and by being on the coast, we will avoid its direct route.

The drive was beautiful. If we didn't know a storm was coming, we never would have guessed. The traffic was equally heavy both directions, so it appears that there are other fools like us.

We headed to Freeport, a town L.L. Bean put on the map in 1912. Today the headquarter store is open 24/7 and a village of shopping, much of it outlet, has grown around it. Most of the stores are in picturesque individual buildings, which gives Freeport a small town atmosphere. The cash registers were ringing constantly; no evidence of a recession here. The L.L.Bean parking lot had a special attraction called diving dogs. Dog contestants raced down an astroturf pier, leaped up in the air to grab a rope wrapped target, and landed in a swimming pool. The winning do leaped 8'2" in the air and vibrated with joy every time he took off for the goal.

After two nights of our own cooking, a fresh seafood dinner eaten al fresco on a pier was a real treat. The fresh taste of the seafood had a flavor that reminded me of the just picked tomatoes from our garden.

We had read that RV's are allowed to camp for free in a designated lot on the edge of town and are giving it a try tonight. The nearby trees are young and can't do us much harm if their branches break loose and by parking on asphalt, we shouldn't get stuck in the mud, if the Irene does arrive during the night. Fingers crossed!

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