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hahaha wow sounds like you have been buzy! i was jsut scrolling down to the email i sent you and it reminded me that i saw a bear two days ago!

i was canoeing with two buddies and this big dark head is swimming near the bank of the swamp right in front of us. and we are pretty close maybe like 20 30 feet away! my friend thought it was a moose and then he thought it was a wolf. that stuck for awhile until it got out of the water! iT was a huge black bear. bigger then all the bears i saw on the bus ride! WOO it was kinda scary, i was sure glad i was with two men! the bear was fine though. curious for sure he was looking right at us. we were checking each other out for waht seemed like a long time. and then he just bounded along around the curve of the bank! then our other friends who were across the river from it started yelling "hey guys theres a bear, watch out"!

meanwhile we were watching it as it sniffed the air and loped along, occasionally looking back at us with its round furry ears alert and friendly!

i was almost more scared of it wanting to come play with us then of it trying to eat me!

wow , stunning wat a gift. a few minutes later we saw two beautiful swans and the bottom nub of a rainbow rising up from the horizon!

we were right on the alaska canada boarder.

ya im going home to winnipeg in like two weeks! im pretty excited. but i have to say i love the yukon! We got a glimpse of the northern lights the other night too. it was like 3 in the morning and nippy cold and i had to work the next morning but my friend came knockin at my door and i thought i might as well get up!

it was worth it, they were a subtle glow like the milky way lit up! just above the tree line sort of.

im gunna barrow my friends compass soon and trekk out into the woods! i love the squishy moss so much! so many wondrous colours!

-peace and love

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