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Charlie and Bonnie in Belfast - Bonnie barked at the Bear!

Bonnie the Lobster

Jen and Charlie, Lobsters

Charlie and Bonnie at Penobscot Bay, Belfast, ME

Jennifer Holding Dinner

Charlie at Young's Lobster Pound, Belfast, ME

Charlie About to Enjoy Lobster Lunch

Jen at Young's Lobster Pound, Belfast Across Penobscot Bay

Jen and Lead Singer of Band Playing Country at Campground, Yeah, Wearin'...

We crossed the border at Calais, ME. The border agent looked in the RV, but didn’t confiscate anything. He considered the grapes and an apple though. As soon as we entered the USA the sun came out and warmed to a beautiful 85 degrees, magical!

I called Mom as soon as we had reception and called again to hear Dad’s voice that evening. Gosh I missed those familiar voices! Can’t wait to hear all of you too.

We were happy to find gas at $3.69 per gallon rather than the more than $5 we had been paying in Canada. We went immediately to Wal-Mart where I did some power shopping, retail therapy. We noticed the RV was a little harder to stop w/extra weight.

We drove to Belfast, ME where there was a Harbor Festival in full swing. No RV sites available so we stayed just o/s in Northport and had a great campsite. We stayed an extra night b/c of a country band entertained us right at the campground. Yes, I line-danced and even got a blue ribbon for my outfit. I tried to explain they were my “real” clothes and not a “get-up”. Guess they didn’t believe me. Don’t tell Jean. HeeHee.

We went into the beautiful city of Belfast and Penobscot Bay for a walking tour of the architecture, which was amazing. We enjoyed the harbor and even had lobster lunch at Young’s Lobster Pound.

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