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We got into Sydney at around half 9 this morning after our overnight greyhound bus! We had a lovely view of the opera house as we came over harbour bridge! We then took a walk to our hostel through Hyde Park! Its lovely and sunny today. When we went to check in who was standing at the desk but Johanna!! So i went and gave her a wee fright hehe. After we were all checked in and showered we went for a wonder together in the sunshine!

We walked through the botanic gardens and saw loads of fruit bats or flying foxes! We then walked along the waters edge - the water is lovely and clear! We then got our first proper view of the sydney opera house! its quite fantastic up close! we then walked round the quays and got some pasties for lunch and sat in the sun while watching all the boats going to and fro.

On our way back to the opera house we watched some street theatre - a guy on a 12 foot unicycle juggling a knife, flaming torch and a club. Johanna and Sarah then went for a tour of the opera house while the rest of us headed back to get our sheets sorted and to have some chill out time - the bus journey was catching up on us!!

When they got back we headed to the supermarket for some tea - me and pete decicded to make chilli nachos and the others decided to go next door to the cafe- the kitchen is a bit of a state here! but its fine for the price of 15 dollars a night!

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