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We just barely made it to church on time. Carolyn was a little upset with my driving, but at least we made it. We went to Christ The King church. The senior pastor is a former pro football player. The church is into starting other churches at different locations. The music is great and the sermon is all about the bible. The pastor does a great job of explaining the authenticity of the bible.

After church, we decided to stop and check out a Thousand Trails campground in LaConner. We drove through and stopped at the clubhouse to see what it was like. On the beach a couple of hundred yards away, it looks like they are setting some kind of net so we walked down to see what it was all about. I talked with one of the ladies sitting on the beach and she told me they were fishing for salmon. They were catching mostly Pink salmon. It was an Indian group. They get a license for this every 2 years and have about 3 weekends to catch their quota. There used to be 28 groups doing this and now there are only 2. They sell their catch to people stopping by or to the canneries. They take a boat straight out from the shore dropping a net behind them. Once they are out so far, they head upstream and circle around and come back to shore. We got to see them circle around and pull in their catch. Then it is just a matter of picking up the fish and putting them into a container. They had started about 5:00 that morning and they keep doing the circle one after the other. This year the catch was down. There just isn’t that many fish anymore, although two years ago, one net had 10,000 fish in it. I don’t know if that was an exaggeration or not. It was fascinating to watch them and I was surprised to see all those fish come in. I filmed a short movie clip showing how it was done.

From there, we drove to Coupeville for lunch. It was about 2:00 when we got there and we figured we wouldn’t have any problem getting a table, but there was still a waiting list. It is an old bar that you could find in any small town. It sits right on the ocean. It is little expensive, but we have seen the plates coming out of the kitchen and they have enough food on them for two. We ordered the fish and chips that have been recommended and it was excellent. Carolyn was wishing there was more fish. Beings we split a meal, we figured ice cream was called for so we stopped and each got a cone. We took a stroll to the end of the dock after lunch and watched a boat come in to get fuel. We couldn’t figure out what kind of boat it was so I asked one of the crew and he said it was a mussel boat. Down the beach a ways are some floating docks. They hang string in the water and the mussels latch on to the string and grow up to be harvested. Kind of weird, but easy enough to do.

We drove up the road to Fort Casey. It is an old fort that was built in the late 1800’s. It was built to protect against any invasion from the sea. They installed batteries of big guns. It is a state park now. We got to the park and went to Admiralty Head lighthouse first, where we talked with the volunteer working there. He was 80 years old and we discovered he and his wife were going to Mesa for the winter. They had bought a park model for about ½ the price the previous owner bought it for. There was a new company that bought the park and made a bunch of changes. A lot of people didn’t like the changes so they moved out. The price of the units went way down because there were so many of them so he got a great deal. He was very personable and knew all kinds of facts about the lighthouse.

We walked through the rest of the park where they still had a couple of big guns and a few smaller ones. We walked the part of the bunkers where they kept the powder and shells. It was kind of a maze, but very interesting. Even Carolyn said she found it interesting. She had only put it on our list of things to see because I wanted to see it. So now I owed her.

We drove along the coast until we had to cut across the island to go home. We drove by Whidbey Island Navel Air Station. It is supposed to be the largest training base for navel carrier pilots in the US. We finally made it home about 7:00. Another day of partly sunny. It is supposed to rain tomorrow.

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