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Hi there,

Well had interesting night last night,went to bed,fell asleep to wake up 2am in the morning feeling extremely weird,hot,shivery but not I'll.Was a bit worried as it was a horrible feeling.David thinks it was heat stroke? Did feel like that actually but took a few panadol and fell asleep.Had a huge sleep and have woken today feeling better but skin feels itchy on my arms and hot...we were wondering if it was the bed,it is a latex new mattress and is so cozy but gets extremely warm once you have been in I awhile..Had a chill out morning and showered and went for a lovely drive to Stamford Bridge,the original site of the biggest battle in Uk,last battle of the Vikings against British,the Vikings lost,the Viking King was speared from underneath the bridge and sunk because of the chain mail worn.Then the battle raged on the hill,Vikings defeated.Then British went immediately down to Hastings to fight in the battle of Hastings.

When we got to Stamford were so surprised to see nothing but the bridge(not the original which was wooden)and a stone monument saying Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066 was here.

The locals say that to historians it was not important because the battle of Hastings fought immediately after took precedence.No battlefield has been unearthed yet! Sad.

The houses in the pretty town with the one way bridge have all been built on the supposed battlefields so will not be excavated.

We then went back to York stopping at Balloon Tree farm and stopped and had lunch,lovely fresh produce,cakes and pies ,cheeses to die for! I have found that the supermarkets here are great for gluten free foods,so many different things to eat,but on the road not so much choice,everything is pastry! But the have awesome baked spuds with the lot with their delicious cheeses and bacon...

I have actually lost weight?? Must be all the walking.

We bought some beautiful strawberries for tea....yum

We came back to the apartment ,David has taken off with the camera to walk another part of the wall,it has been the most gorgeous weather today,Ethan and I are just chilling..soon I will pack the cases for leaving tomorrow to Scotland...

We were going to Whitby today but decided to take it easy and rest,we have been doing so much so enjoyed our little drive today...oh by the way,whilst I slept this morning David went into town and went in the haunted house in York...he said he was the only one in and he had a guided audio telling all about each room and what occurred ,who had died etc and finished off in the cellars under the roads in York where one servant girl was enslaved under there and strangled.Builders who renovated the house refused to work in the house,people say icy fingers touch them,countless visits in the attic bedroom,David said it was very dark and gloomy with original furnishings etc said it was an eerie place but sadly no one said hello to him from the other side! Ha ha

He came back disappointed but said it was worth seeing how it looked inside and the cellars under the house...

Bye for now off to pack cases and have tea....English pork snags,fresh peas,jacket potato and strawberries and cream!


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