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August 24th, 2011

The signs were there yet I chose to ignore them. First the screen went blank...fortunately I could pair up the screen from my desktop computer to the Toshiba laptop. This evening I turned on the computer waiting and watching as the substitute screen came to life and typed in my password on the laptop's keypad. The first letter tapped as it should but when I hit the second letter, several asterisks lit up in the blank field. When the shift key was depressed...numbers, letters and symbols appeared on the screen. Of course it is out of warranty.

The desktop computer still works fine except I have to use the Verizon Internet access card vs. the RV park's free Wifi service...fine for text, expensive for photos. Guess a trip to Bestbuy is in order.

Only news is a new blog where musings other than relating to our travels will be posted. Interested? should get you there.

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