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Jet Boat Soaking Tourists at Reversing Falls

Jen at Reversing Falls

Jet Boat Soaking Tourists at Reversing Falls

Waiting People Carvings, St. John

Faces in a Building Edifice

Faces in Edifice of Building

A Man's Mouth Spits Coins From Scotia Bank Building

Three Sisters Lampstand

It was a good thing that we enjoyed the sun while we did, went on strike again. We saw the world famous Reversing Falls first at low tide, then at slack tide and reversing. At low tide we saw some tourists getting soaked on their jet boat ride through the falls. St. John boasts the highest tides in the world creating the natural phenomenon of the reversing falls. You can actually see it reverse and at low and high tides it is simply gushing, creating rapids. There is a 28.5 foot difference b/t high and low tide and 14 foot difference b/t Bay of Fundy and St. John’s River.

We also took a tour of St. John in the fog. Again, this city suffered a huge fire and now has beautiful replacement buildings, many are brick with lots of amazing details such as gargoyles and faces. There are fun wooden carvings of “Waiting People” in the harbor area. I also thought of my friend Sallie when we saw the “3 Sisters Lamp” that used to guide ships into the harbor.

Lastly, we visited the indoor Farmer’s Market. It was huge and full of great produce, cheeses, meats, seafood, maple syrup and crafts. It reminded me of the Central Market in Florence Italy. If we didn’t have to go through customs the following day I would have done some damage!

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