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We weren't too far outside Stewart when we came upon this fellow.




Houston Visitors' Center

At 60', this is the World's Largest Fly Fishing Rod.

This bridge was icy in the morning after the sprinklers had been...


Houston's Park was lovely.

Skeena River

Would you be surprised to know that it was raining upon our departure from Stewart???? However, the nearer we came to the main highway, the clearer it became. Stewart and Hyder are in the midst of the coastal mountains.

Again, we were captivated by the waterfalls. We enjoyed the bear. He seemed completely satisfied with the traffic except the 18 wheeler that went racing past.

The drive south on the Cassier Highway was slightly boring. The afternoon gave way to mostly sunny skies. The snow-capped mountains became fewer and fewer.

At the end of the Cassier Highway, we joined the Yellowhead Highway. West of Smithers we began to see farmland. Smithers was the largest town that we had been in since Anchorage.

Houston has a population of about 3,200. Its main industry is forest products. Copper mining is still in production.

The visitors' center was on the same property as the Houston Park. It was a lovely area. We looked for signs prohibiting camping and saw none. We backed up to an open area and set up camp. The railroad track was behind us. With the generator there's not much setting up to do except plug into it. We felt assured that we could remain there when two police officers walked by during their beat and said nothing to us.

It was a lovely evening, and we enjoyed the park.

Later when we were watching a movie, a train came through. It sounded like it was coming through the camper. It was hillarious. Zac was barking, and we were laughing. Sadly, the trains continued through the night. Since there was a railroad crossing nearby, the train whistles continued as well. "Free" came with a price!

243 miles

Houston Visitor Center

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