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Charlie and Bonnie at the Swiss Air Flight 111 Crash Site Memorial,...

Monument to Swiss Air Rescuers

Monument to Swiss Air Victims

Charlie and Bonnie at Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Jen and Bonnie at Peggy's Cove

Charlie and Bonnie w/Whale Skull, Peggy's Cove

Helicopter Landed for PC 200th Anniversary Ceremony

Jen and RCMP in charge of Literacy - Books for Kids

Art Carved in Granite by DeGauffe, Peggy's Cove, NS

Peggy's Cove

We decided to drive the Lighthouse Drive over to see Peggy’s Cove while we were staying near Halifax. We enjoyed the views of St. Margaret’s Bay and meandered the coast until we reached Whaleback, NS. This area was named for the huge boulders that were worn smooth by glaciers into the shape of Whale’s Backs. Here there is a monument to the rescuers (residents) who quickly responded to the Swiss Air Flight 111 that crashed in the bay on 9/2/98. There is a 2nd memorial to those who perished. There is another monument across the bay that lines up w/these and if a triangle is drawn, the point in the water marks the exact spot where the plane crashed into the bay.

As we drove on into Peggy’s Cove there were tons of people parking along the streets and walking in the streets. There were also 2 Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on horseback walking up and down the main drag. We walked Bonnie up to see the famous lighthouse and stumbled into a huge ceremony to honor the 200th anniversary of Peggy’s Cove! There was even a helicopter flown in to land on the rugged granite boulders surrounding the lighthouse! We were only there for 2 hours and just happened to be there for this amazing event.

As we approached the Visitor’s Center we talked to a RCMP whose job is to hand out books to kids to further literacy. He travels around w/a car full of books the kids can choose from. If he catches a kid reading they get to choose a toy from a treasure chest full of toys.

We also learned at the VC that plumbing here is a nightmare since they have to drill through granite for water and septic – yikes!

These huge erratics (granite boulders) were “dropped” here by glaciers as the moved and receded through this area, smoothing and shaping them as the traveled. This truly is an amazing sight.

One of the residents here (DeGauffe) carved a monument to honor the fishermen on the area in a huge outcropping of granite that was on his property. It is something you must see while here and the house has been turned into the DeGauffe art gallery.

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