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Woke up nice and early this morning so we could make our way to Monkey Mia to see the dolphins. Monkey Mia is located on Shark Bay, and the area houses approximately 3000 dolphins. Of these 3000, there are 5 that are currently fed on a daily basis, much to the excitement of many anxious tourists that wake up nice and early to see this.

We made it to the park and lined up on the beach with many other tourists to be briefed on how the feeding would proceed. We were then allowed to walk into the water to ankle depth while the dolphins made their way in from the sea. It was something else to see these gentle creatures make their way from the wild for their daily feeding, however being there with the crowds of people made it a bit less special. As you get with crowds, some of the people chose not to listen to the simple directives of the rangers and frustrated others in the process.

The dolphins were absolutely beautiful.. they have such happy expressions on their faces and are very curious (a few of them swam closely past us with one eye out of the water, carefully examining us and the surroundings). Afterwards, We hiked a nearby trail and saw a few more dolphins playing in the water.

From here, we started making our way south again, driving through the town of Denham, which in it's day was a pearling town (today it's mostly just tourism). Quite a nice little town nestled around beautiful blue waters. Further down, we stopped in at Eagle Bluff, which is a lookout point to spot wildlife in Shark Bay. The waters were absolutely stunning... see through and turquoise. This viewpoint is famous for spotting sharks, turtles, string rays, manta rays, etc. Unfortunately, we only saw one shark, we were told just yesterday there was much more to see... it may have been today's high winds or time of day, nevertheless, we chose to keep on trucking.

A few more stops keeping south were at shell beach (a 120km beach absolutely covered in small shells, 5 meters thick), and at a viewing platform to see stromatolites (these are the first living organisms on the planet, that were eventually able to create oxygen and allow life as we know it to exist. They look just like rocks).

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