The Pulbrooks French Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Well, today we learned that you don't try and go grocery shopping on a Sunday in St Ismier or Grenoble ! We headed out about lunchtime with empty tummies to find not a thing open in our village. No problem - off we went to Grenoble which is a pretty big city - and nothing was open there either !! Sunday obviously a day of rest.

After driving for ages we stumbled across a bistro of sorts and stopped for lunch. By now it was 3pm, they spoke not a word of anything other than French, and Lew & I still aren't sure what it was that we had !! Something heavier than we wanted, some sort of fondue-type thing but certainly nothing special and unfortunately this quick lunch set us back about AU$70. Live and learn. We'll be sure to be well stocked next week :).

Luckily when we did shop a few days ago we bought some pasta so it was a very plain dinner. The patisserie in town is open early so we'll have fresh bread tomorrow.

Still hot here so lots of swimming going on. Explored the garden a bit more and we have an apple tree, pear tree, fig tree, walnut tree, peach tree, cherry tree plus cherry tomatoes, shallots everywhere and blackberries. Unbelievable !! Will pop more pics on soon.

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