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Aug 19

Another nice drive and a trip to Wal-Mart was on my agenda for the day. I needed to find some small bolt and nuts to fix my vent.

I found out yesterday when I climbed the ladder to look at the roof to try to find where the water is coming from in rains. Didn’t find that, there just wasn’t anywhere it could be coming from except maybe around the exhaust vent on the sidewall.

I will recaulk it as soon as I get the right caulk. Anyway, I looked around and the roof vent cover was half off!! Well, not half off, but raised on one side. Not good. Couldn’t reach it so I went inside and took off the internal screen and reached it from the inside. Three of the bolts are missing! I wonder how long they have been gone, or if they were ever put on. That vent cover always squeeks when I am driving, now I know why. Guess I am lucky it never flew off!

Well, couldn’t find a small enough bolt, so I used zip ties and it isn’t going anywhere. I will fix it as soon as I find a bolt.

Other than that, it was a nice day lazing around the campground. Splashing around in the pool, crocheting and watching movies. Love my life.

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