Down East - Late Summer 2011 travel blog

In these times of ever rising fees for checking in luggage on planes, we treasure the motor home and our ability to bring pretty much the whole house with us. Today this made for an exhausting afternoon, hauling clothing and food to the curb in the 92ยบ humidity. While it's hot here, we're reading about lows in the 40's in Maine, so it's clear that we need to bring everything from shorts to fleece jackets. We're also reading about a hurricane working it's way up the Atlantic coast. It sounds like it will arrive in Maine about the same time we will. So rain gear is sure to be a necessity. And even with all that we have packed, there will be something that we forgot, hopefully something that will be easy to buy on the road. In our youth we would have chided ourselves for for being forgetful; in our geezerhood we question if the mind is starting to go.

Our friends are used to traveling by car and they are still adjusting to the idea of bringing it all. Every time they ask "Should we bring...?" We say, "Sure!"

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