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We got out of Dodge around 0730 and headed East to Lyons,Kansas to the little town where I was born. It was the County Seat and 5000 strong back in the day. Today its still the county seat, but less than 5000 strong. The only thing that has changed since Uschi and I went through there a few years back was that the tree tops have grown back around the court house. I showed Alec where I use to live then he got a haircut at the local man's shop. I then took some flowers for my Mother's & Brother's grave and we hit the road again heading to our next campsite in Eagleville,MO. We arrived there around 6:30 PM and it was starting to cloud up with lighting in the sky across the State Line in Iowa.We hooked up and were having dinner when the owner knocked and told us that we were on tornado watch until midnight. Then all hell broke loose with the rain,thunder & lighting. We were on top of a little hill with a beautiful view and no cellar to get into if needed. Having grown up in tornado country it wasn't that big a thing for me, but it sure was for my fellow campers. Especially for my neighbor who was from Tucson, AZ.

Tomorrow we head North to Winterset,IA to see the birthplace of The Duke and the Bridges of Madison County, then to our campground close to East Moline,IL.

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