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Charlie at Halifax Seaport Boardwalk

Charlie and Theodore Too, Fun Tour Boat

Charlie and William Cunard, Founder of Cunard Cruise Line and Halifax Native

Bright Double Decker Tour Buses

A Carnival Cruise Ship Arrived in Port While We Were There

Popular Brewery in Nova Scotia, Alexander Keiths

Charlie in The Old Burying Grounds, Oldest Boneyard in Halifax

Charlie in the Begonia Garden, Halifax Public Gardens

Dahlias, Halifax Public Gardens

Jen in Halifax Public Gardens

Busker's Festival on the Boardwalk - Get a load of their name!

Buskers on the Boardwalk

Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows

We toured the Halifax Harborfront where there was a Busker's Festival. These are folks that swallow flaming swords and such. We saw a few acts and even a band named Ole Savannah! They were quite good. Out in the water were a couple of touring boats, one that was made to look like a child's toy and another was a tall ship. A Carnival Cuise ship docked in port and in no time we found ourselves in a sea of people. We learned that William Cunard, founder of Cunard Cruise Line is a native of Halifax. There is a huge Cunard Center at Pier 21 for banquets and such. There is a huge indoor Farmer's Market right on the waterfront w/all sorts of produce, crafts, etc...

Halifax was a popular destination for immigrants fleeing Europe after WWII. Those that arrived w/diseases were quarantined on George Island just off shore; sounds like our Lazaretto history.

We took a self-guided walking tour to see many old homes, churches and graveyards. There is The Old Burying Grounds that is the oldest that sits in a square w/St. Matthews church on one side and St. Mary's Basilica on another. In a different area is the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows that was built in a single day by 2000 Catholic volunteers. We also saw a bust of Sir William Scott, a Scottish writer famous for the quote: "Oh! what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!

As we walked through the city we noticed grafiti and later learned that Halifax is experiencing some crime due to drugs for the 1st time. We have noticed all through Canada there is very little crime.

In 1917 Halifax suffered a huge fire because a French munitions ship collided w/another ship in the harbor and leveled the city, raining glass and burning debris.

We walked through the Halifax Public Gardens, which was a nice surprise. Charlie and I both liked the begonia garden layout and the dahlias.

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