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Leaving Dawson City on our drive through rain this morning. Heading southeast...

Typical of the views along our drive much of the day before...


Stewart Crossing. No place to stop and enjoy the view.

Stewart Crossing.



View of the bridge over the Pelly River and the town along...

Pano view of the Pelly Crossing area.

Back to the Yukon river near Carmacks.


The "Five Fingers Rapids" was named for the 5 rock outcropings in...



The most navigable route is between the near bank and that large...

The highway follows the Yukon River for several miles in this area.

The bridge over the Yukon is located here at Carmacks. We stopped...

(Ron Writing) We filled Hercules with gas this morning before leaving Dawson City heading southeast on the Klondike Loop Highway. The gasoline price was the second highest price we’ve paid so far on this trip. I guess they think everyone has a pocket full of gold here!

This was mostly a driving day. The first couple hours on the road we drove through the rain and several miles of that was on dirt/gravel where the asphalt had been ripped out and graded. So the truck and trailer look like real Yukon Territory vehicles again – full of dirt! It would be easy to get the impression that no one washes their vehicle since we seldom see a clean one.

Between Dawson City and Carmacks, YT we drove through rolling hills that were heavily forested. Not too much to see other than trees on both sides of the road except for a few lakes and rivers. We crossed the Yukon River near Carmacks where there were some very nice views of the river valley. South of Carmacks the highway runs through a more mountainous area and the drive was more scenic.

At least once every half hour this afternoon we’d drive through sporadic rain and sunshine. One minute the sky would be totally overcast with dark clouds, the next minute it would be partly cloudy with high puffy clouds.

There doesn’t seem to be many large animals in this area. There are no bear warnings and few moose/caribou warnings. We saw many “moose ponds” but never a moose.

Weather: Overnight low was 49°, highs today in the mid 60’s. Cloudy and rain this morning, partly cloudy with frequent periods of rain and sun this afternoon.

Critters: none.

Mileage: Today - 259 miles, cumulative since leaving AZ on 4-6-11 – 9,296 miles.

Gasoline Price: 6.101 $US/gallon in Dawson City, YT

Tonight’s stop: Rest area on Klondike Loop HW (HW 2) near Kilometer post 298. 61.62292, -135.87909, 2,196'

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