Steve & Carla's Honeymoon 2005 travel blog

the start

View from the top of Mount Iron

Steve at summit

CJ spoils view of Wanaka

We drove on from Arrowtown along the Cardrona road which took us up some devilishly steep and narrow mountain roads with 4x4's haring past us every few minutes (they are fearless drivers in their tanks). Unfortunately we have a bond on our insurance and a strong sense of our own mortality and two wheel drive so we took it pretty easy.

We passed by the Cardrona ski fields and saw with our own eyes that there is hardly any snow and are extremely grateful that we hadn't splashed out for a ski trip to anywhere in this area. It would have been a disaster and an expensive one.

Into Wanaka, where we seek out the Hilton of campsites - 5* with spa and everything but its a bit shocking really because we are on a tight budget and have had to spend eight whole extra english pounds to stay there rather than Colditz at Arthur Scargill. We shall be using all the facilities tonight to get our moneys worth.

We are advised of a walk to the summit of Mount Iron which will take us around 2-3 hours - perfect for iron men like Steve (ha ha). It is a glorious winters day, the sun is shining and is managing some warmth this afternoon and as we walk past Lake Wanaka it glistens off the ripples. Mount Iron is pretty steep and at points we are gasping for breath and for the first time since we reached NZ stripped to t-shirts. Wow. However, upon reaching the summit and stopping the strenuous climbing we were soon wrapped up again. The view from the top was spectacular offering 360 degree views around Wanaka and into the mountains. It really was worth the effort.

And so back to the campsite to cook our tea, enjoy the facilities and rest our weary bones.

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