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The future of SSR??

Nice VT farm

Laying down on the job!

Our new rig

Proof we hiked the Appalachian Trail

This was the naked kayaker - don't look!!

Nature's art

Killington Campsite

Another view

Ranger station built by the CCC in 1933

We moved into Vermont on Friday and absolutely love it here! The mountains, the little towns, the people – all great. And, if you’re a fan of dry camping like we are, this state campground would be for you. I gave it a 10++ and those of you who’ve camped with me know how few 10’s I give out. The sites are wooded and private, nice tables & firepits, the bath house is immaculate (that gave it the ++,) and best of all the rangers are great – extremely helpful and pleasant.

Unfortunately we’ve been temporarily stranded here for awhile. Friday, when we arrived, we went into Rutland (about 10 miles from the campground) to order new tires for the truck…we could tell they were getting really bad. Then, while stopping for fuel on the way back to camp, a young woman came up to my side of the truck and said, “you’d better look at your tire – I’ve been following you and it looks like it’s ready to blow out.” Just the news we love to hear, right? Sure enough it had already started to shred and wouldn’t make it another mile. Fortunately the gas station owner let us move to the back of the building and Rich was able to change the tire on good level pavement. Of course, we still had the camper on the truck so the process was a bit more complicated, but we were finally on our way again.

The next day we had to run into town for groceries but discovered another tire that is very bad too. Since that time we’ve been staying right here in camp, which is frustrating as there are so many nice gift shops out there – girls, you understand!! Oh well, Rich seems happy and we’ve spent the days hiking the trails that run out of the campground to local ponds, loon sightings, forests, and waterfalls. It’s actually been fun and we’ve also had campfires at night so no complaints. Oh, speaking of campfires, did I mention that Rich cut the tip of his finger badly with his axe the other day making kindling? Those of you who know the NC campfire story will be laughing!! He has been warned that I am taking the axe away from him if it happens again.

Tomorrow we’ll go back to Rutland and have the tires installed and then we’ll be able to breathe easier…after the shock of paying for them, that is!! The weather has held until last night, then the rain started and looks like we’re going to be indoors all day. We’ve decided to stay in Vermont a bit longer and Wednesday we’re moving to another state campground near the NY border.

Not sure when I’ll get this out as we’ll probably have to go to a McDonalds to get WiFi. Been thinking about our family & friends quite a bit, especially Robert as he slowly mends; Gary & Penny while they fish the West Canada Creek; Dennis as he starts feeling better; Gary S. hope you’re feeling well again too; Ron, thanks for the call; and all the rest of you that we keep in our thoughts as we travel. Alex, congrats on turning 13 yesterday…an official teenager now (lucky Mom & Dad); Alan, hope the class is going well; Rich, travel safely; Shawn & Ann, hope the concert was fun; Lin, stay cool in many ways ; B, hope the garden is doing better; Karen, hope the open house was successful this time! We love and miss you all.

Stay well, stay safe, and enjoy your summer. R&C

P.S. We got the new tires this recovering from the sticker shock but riding more smoothly!!

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