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Now that is a small town

This was once a pretty nice hotel

But not now.

Prairie Dog Town State Park - yes they do have dogs there.

Dinner Wednesday Night with Cool Judy and Luke

Bear carving at Old West Campground.

Sunday: We packed up and were out of the campground by 10:55. Well, check out time was 11 and we had a whole 77 miles to go.

Reed Point is a very small town with a sawmill, a gas station/general store/RV park office, a church and a couple schools. The rest of the town is made up of a few houses and a lot of single wides. It is, for the most part, well kept up but kinda sad looking.

At one time there was a Montana Hotel here. It was a grand old hotel that was in the process of being restored and they even made a documentary of how people had to dress in old west style to come down to dinner. Then, according to our campground host, greed set in when the owner that started it sold it to a young couple who wanted to see it get even better. They have put over a million into the purchase and restoration and have lost it all. The place is now closed. Sad story.

Monday morning we decided to go exploring. We went back west on I-90 to Graycliff and went to the Prairie Dog State Park. We took some pictures of the rodents and talked to some geocashers. Then we went to Big Timber and had lunch.

We have declared this week R&R to get ready for the Escapade the following week. We have to be in on Thursday so will meander that way next week. For this week we have found an reasonably priced park and we will sit.

Tuesday we did some laundry and cleaning. I had most of our Escapade shirts packed in a suitcase and they needed to be washed and hung so I did that. While I was at the laundry the Schwans man came by. I had enough room in the freezer so I got a box of sugar free fudgecycles. YUM!

Wednesday morning I woke with a migraine. I couldn't shake it so I went back to bed and finally got up at noon. It was still there so we didn't go exploring.

About 3 I got a Facebook message from Cool Judy that they were coming in so we made arrangements to have dinner at the Waterhole Saloon. The food wasn't that great but we got to know Judy and Luke better than just on the blog.

Thursday: We watched Judy and Luke pull out for the Boomer's Rally (Called a Boom-a-rang) in the Black Hills. Ron started washing the rig and I helped a bit by drying it. Later in the afternoon he saw a 5th wheel pull in and said to himself, "Self, I know those people." He called me and we went over to greet John and Jana. We have worked with them for several years at Escapades and they are retired VCRs. We had to tak them down the the Waterhole for dinner and had a nice visit.

Friday: We headed for the big city: Billings. We wanted to check out some boondocking sites there and look at the Moose Lodge facilities. We never did find the Moose Lodge (I found out later I misspelled the name of the street and got a whole other street) but stopped at Cabellas and Costco. We also stopped at Wally World in Laurel, MT, and came home with a whole lot of food for the next week.

John and Jana came over for Happy Hour and we were joined by some non-SKP neighbors, Lee Roy and Juanita from OK. There was an empty site between our rig and Lee Roy's and sure enough a MH started pulling in there. As the wife started guiding him in, Jana and I both said, "We know them!" It was Donna and Clyde Clark, SKPs from MI who winter in Casa Grande near Jana and John. So we had a great Happy Hour in the shade of our RV. Got a great recipe from Juanita for hot crackers using plain old saltines and some mix to jazz them up.

Oh! We also extended our stay here until Tuesday Morning of next week. We will head for Sheridan Wally world for our stop.

Saturday: This place is full of SKPs. And I've forgotten most of their names. Anyway, we had about 10 for happy hour tonight. Several from the Christian BOF, some not even SKPs (but we are recruiting them), one Solo who is Room Host Coordinator, It was fun. The Waterhole had some buffalo finally, but the guy cooked it very dead and it wasn't that good.

Sunday: I washed two loads of clothes today. $1 per load is sure better than the $2.50 I paid at the last place. Talked to Jo Peters on the phone and solved the ills of the world and caught up on each others lives. We will be working together all next week but probably won't have time to just talk. They are also going to the VCR Reunion so we should be able to get together there.

The clouds looked really ominous so the Happy Hour was moved to the Waterhole Saloon. Slight problem - their lights went out and they have no windows. We walked home and found that our grill had blown off the picnic table. The grill guard was in the neighbor's lot across the street. No other damage. And really nothing is damaged - just moved around.

Finally used up the bananas that had turned black and made two loaves of banana/applesauce bread. One of them fell apart as I turned it out of the pan - but we are eating it anyway.

Monday: Our last day here. I plan to strip the bed and wash sheets and get more trailer ooze back into its place. We only have 193 miles to go so it will be an easy trip. Next update will be from Gillette.

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