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Neskowin Beach

Entrance to Neskowin Creek RV Resort

Bridge crossing Neskowin Creek into Park

Neskowin Creek

Our place

Beach Cottage in Neskowin


We have been in this great little beachside community since last Thursday. I would like to say I have been too busy to keep the journal updated, but that wouldn't be quite true. Neskowin is a very small community on the beach. It has a resort/condo/hotel, a very small post office, convenience store, rv resort, restaraunt and a small very charming beach neighborhood. A great place to relax, read, ride bikes and enjoy the beach. We've been doing all of the above.

I have some pictures, but the wifi is so slow here I'll post them when there is a faster signal. The park is very nice with all of the usual amenities and a great indoor swimming pool and hot tub. It has a large flock of cotton tail rabbits that are almost a nuisance. They are used to people, therefore nearly beg for food and the children in the park love them. We overheard some youngsters talking about naming them and one of the little girls in the group quickly pointed out that you can't do that!

As I mentioned in the last paragraph about slow wifi, the longer we're on the road, the more that is becoming a real nuisance. A solution would be to sign on with Verizon or other similar carrier that would allow us more consistency in wifi connections. If any of you have suggestions or service that you particularly like, let me know.

Yesterday as I was washing the motorhome, I notice one of our windows that opens outward, had separated from the control mechanism. It looks like an easy fix, I just need the right kind of double sided tape to hold the glass to the control bar. We had a bedroom window that needed the same repair a couple of years ago and I can't remember the tape the glass shop used to repair the window. I do remember it took 2 visits for them to get it right though. I believe I can do the job once I identify the tape to use.

We will be here until Thursday when we move to the other side of Lincoln City to Chinook Bend RV Resort on the Siletz River.

We're getting anxious to get to Cape Blanco for September. This summer has been wonderful on the coast and we expect that to continue through next month. Records indicate that should be the case, so let us know when you'll visit us there......

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