Pat and Jim Attack 2011 travel blog

The buz is that night time temps will be in the 30's this week. You can tell the weather is about to change...clouds blowing around and occasional rain.

Working today from 4 'till 11 then we have three days off. Wednesday the plan is to replace the covers over the slides, Tuesday and Thursday are open. Visitor numbers are dropping in the park so that's probably where we will be.

Mountain Men have left the area....without me.

Continuing to meet the nicest people at work. And we had a good day of sales yesterday, I sold 4 knives, every one more than $125, and a locally made bowl for $250. No bad customers at all. After work we made our Sunday night stop at "The Branch"....Moose Drool draft, wine for Pat, kitchen made potato chips and corn bread........$11.00 The bartender is our friend.

Keep your powder dry.


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