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Aug 14

Today was a lazy day, after all the driving around yesterday I needed a rest!

So, today I cleaned the rig and removed at least a ton of cat hair!!

I also decided to seal the sink area, I had been getting water under the sink—I thought it was from spilling as I was washing dishes. So I sealed it up with a clear sealer and was really proud of myself; then it rained…there was water on the counter. Window? No the window was dry, I checked under the sink, and yes wet again. WTF.

I started looking around and found a couple of drips of water on the wall near the stove. Oh, oh. I still don’t know where the water is getting in because the rain had stopped. I sealed the rear seam of the counter; then I went outside and looked at the coach—there doesn’t seem to be any vents right there, but the main refrigerator vent is near there. I need to climb the ladder and check the seals but since I am parked on a cliff, there is no place to put the ladder—it will have to wait. I will try to fix it once myself, and if it doesn’t work there is a Camping World in Roanoke VA that I will bring it to. It isn’t a bad leak, but it must be fixed!

Other than cleaning and a bit of crocheting I had a pretty lazy day. I had decided to check out the lake, but one look at the cliff they called a road and I decided I had seen some lovely lakes yesterday and had no need to go down. It was so steep there were signs on it forbidding rigs to go down. A rig! I wouldn’t even walk down it for fear of not being able to scramble up again. It went down about a quarter of a mile at least a 30% grade! (not sure of my numbers but that hill was steep, and not paved and very bumpy clay…Egad!

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