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US/Canadian border. Cleaned up evry ten years.










"Bear Man"





Uwe, Joanne & Rod

Joanne, Lyn & Anna

We caught the 9:00am bus for "Salmon glacier", not realizing what we were in for. We should have had a clue as it is the only glacier that you can look down on, from other than a plane or copter.! We left stewart and crossed into the US at Hyder, and started up the mountain. What a ride to the top! It was one of the most frightening rides I have ever been on from the standpoint of a very bumpy, washboardy, road built on the side of the mountain with hairpin turns, sharp curves, only room for one vehicle at times, steep, no, not just steep, they were straight drop offs on one side, no guard rails, but magnificent scenery if you could look at it! We passed some operating and non-operating mines(gold & copper) left over from the gold rush. We did stop at the US/Canada border part way up for some photos, etc. The top of the road is in Canadian territory. It was 17 miles of heart wrenching terror, should the bus driver have a medical event, we were doomed! Luckily, we made it to the top, only to think about the return trip over the same road. While at the top we had an hour or so to look around, take pictures, wander, etc. This was like being on top of the world, for sure.

There was a man there that said he lived there in a small tent. He was selling DVDs and pictures of his life on the mountain with the Glacier, bears, etc. He was called, I believe the "Bear Man". Pretty knowledgeable, but I imagine pretty lonely at times. While the trip down was just as frightful, the driver, was very careful and kept the bus in a lower gear the whole way down, and never let it get away from him. Glad to get down, but glad we went! We had to go thru Canadian customs again, but this time the agent came on board to look at our passports. Then we had time to freshen up, change under wear, and got dressed up for the farewell dinner. We got on the bus at 4:45pm and went to the hotel where we had pre ordered, your choice of either prime rib or Halibut, some weeks ago. We both chose Halibut and it was the best we had ever had. Served with Rice, carrots and a desert of really good bread pudding! After dinner the Wagon Masters thanked everyone for their participation, and cooperation, saying we were the best group yet!!! :>). We were given the opportunity to say a few words also, but neither of us did. We all said our good byes to all the other participants, and got on the bus for the camp ground. We then went to Uwe and Anna's camper, along with Rod & Joanne, for a drink and planned a get together for just the six of us for the next night in Burns Lake, BC on our way home. The tour was great , but we are now glad it is over, and anxious now to make our way home.

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