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Gaspereau Valley, Wine Country near Wolfville, NS

Gaspereau Valley, Wine Country near Wolfville, NS

Muir Murray Estate, Gaspereau Valley, Wine Country near Wolfville, NS

We moved to a little area called Nine Mile River. Yes, it is on a river and Bonnie got to play and swim in it. Our campground had sections and ours was called "Welcome to Graceland"! It rained pretty much the whole time we were there, but we are taking notes from the locals. We put out the awning and played dominoes while it rained all around us. It was great to get out in the air for a little while.

We drove through beautiful farmland until we saw the Bay of Fundy and then amazing vineyards in Gaspereau Valley.

We stopped in Wolfville for a great lunch. Afterwards we purchased a Neti-Pot. If you are not familiar with this sinus irrigation system, take a gander on the web - it is WILD! And, we finally have allergy relief.

OK, OK - back to wine country. Our 1st winery was our favorite - Gaspereau Vineyards. We had a nice young lady pour for our tastings and lets just say, the more she poured, the better it got! Honestly, all of the wines were surprisingly great. We made a few purchases. We visited 2 more wineries, but they didn't hold a candle to our 1st.

That night we used our Neti-Pot for the 1st time - Wow. We also listened to the disappointing news of US stock market after the downgrade by S&P. Oh well, it's only money, right?

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